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Here what some of my clients think about my personal training services.

Laura Diaz1Laura Diaz

“Todd Elliott Changed My Life”

I was overweight and embarrassed about it. I knew how to diet and exercise but I needed that push. He gave me that and then some. His workouts are quick, efficient and just enough to get the job done without making you want to slap someone! He is attentive and encouraging but not bossy or aggressive like a boot camp instructor. And best of all, unlike other trainers Iʹve been to, after Toddʹs workout, I could actually walk the next day.

Todd is worth every penny. I lost 10 pounds in 8 weeks and barely even noticed I was trying. Highly recommend! ʺ My body fat went from 34.3% to 27%. I lost 3 inches around waist and almost 4 inches around thighs and 2.5 inches on my hips. Not bad!!!”

Laura Diaz………Orlando, Florida

XL 1067 Morning Radio Host


Ericka Dunlap

“I would like to tell everyone about what you helped me to achieve”erikainred

“Todd, as I told you many times, life as Miss America can be challenging. There are many days of eating on the road and with all that food; there is also a ton of pressure to be in tip‐top shape for fans and the critics. While on the road, I struggled with keeping my figure in tact.

Thankfully you not only changed my figure, but you also helped me figure out how to effectively lose the inches without relying on the scales.

Within 2 months that we worked together, you were able to get me from a dress size of a 9/10 to a size 6. I truly respect your work ethic, immense attention to form and detail and you concern for my overall lifestyle change to maintain my new physique.  Although I am moving to Nashville, I will be sure to use you as my training resource in the future. Thank you very much for helping me achieve my fitness goals!”

Ericka Dunlap………Orlando, Florida

Miss America 2004


Jesse Camacho

“Injury….No Problem!”Jessie1

ʺI met Todd while being an Police Officer in Altamonte Springs, FL. I had an injury to my left shoulder after a brief fight during an arrest. I sought out Todd’s help to improve my strength and recuperate my shoulder.

The results were more that I could ever hoped for. My shoulder got better and so did my body. To this day, I still believe that my body never looked as good as when I was training with Todd. Too bad he is not in Los Angeles. Thank you! If I ever move back to Orlando, I’ll definitely look you up againʺ.

Jessie Camacho………Altamonte Springs, Florida

Survivor Africa Cast Member


Lorraine Rosa

“Todd knows his trade well!”2004 NPC Southern States Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure Championships

I started working with Todd because I needed someone to help me prepare for my first bodybuilding competition. In 8 months Todd helped me to balance out my symmetry and increase the lean muscle mass in my upper body.  Under his guidance I was able to place 2nd in my weight class in my first bodybuilding competition.

I find that Todd is the kind of trainer that is genuinely interested in helping you reach your goals.  He constantly pays attention to your form and technique to ensure you are getting the most out of each exercise. I have always found Todd to be very knowledgeable and encouraging.

Loraine Rosa…Lake Mary, Florida

Pro Fitness Competitor



Keri Williamson

“Todd, I went shopping last week and I bought a size 5 pair of jeans. Size 5!  I haven’t been that size since the 4th grade, let alone a Keri1 9-1-05HEALTHY, and TONED size 5.

I really appreciate the Rapid Results Program you created, as well as your training expertise. The program allowed me to reach amazing results with only minimal time at the studio. I never could say I didn’t have the time, because of how little time your program required.

You taught me exactly what I needed to know To live a healthier life. You are a great trainer and I highly recommend you to everyone.

It’s really awesome to see the difference in my photos and to hear from all my friends and family what a great job you did with me. You are truly a fitness expert. 🙂

Keri Williamson………Altamonte Springs, Florida


John Stewart

“After trying many different weight loss and exercise options that did not get me the results that I was looking for, I decided to hire Todd Elliott as my personal trainer.

When we outlined my goals in the initial consultation, and he GUARANTEED my results in the next 90 days, I was a little skeptical to say the least.  Now after only 30 days, I have lost 10 pounds and 3% of my excess body fat. There is no doubt that I will more than achieve my fitness and nutrition goals in the next 60 days. I am so happy with the results that I think I have hired a personal trainer for life!.

John Stewart………Apopka, Fl.


Greg MCAmis

Before I started working with Todd, I was just spinning my wheels.  He showed me how to do things right, which helped me take my training to the next level.  Now I may even start competing in bodybuilding.

Greg McAmis…….Altamonte Springs, Florida


Lori charles

Todd is an excellent trainer.  I spent one month with him to give myself a boost and that is exactly what I got.  His training style and techniques are phenomenal.  By the end of the workout, I was tired and exhilarated at the same time.  By the 3rd week, my body started to change.  A little more definition here and a little less fat there!

Whenever I need a jump start, Todd is who I will go to.  I have been working out since 1984 and have been working in the health club industry for the past 4 years.  Trainers come and go but Todd is a keeper.

Lori Charles……….Deltona, Florida


Richelle Schneider

Todd Elliott is very good at his job.  He is a very fabulous trainer and teacher.  He showed me how simple it is to get fit and stay fit. I know have the knowledge to train myself and have a body that people envy.

Richelle Schneider………..Orlando, Florida


Christina stathus

I have been training for 16 years and recently became a certified personal trainer.  I never worked with a trainer before and never thought that I would hire one. When I found myself in a real funk and couldn’t get myself motivated to hit the weights with the intensity it takes to get results, I decided to hire Todd.

It really makes a difference when you have someone to be accountable to.  He really pushed me and got me the results that I wanted. Todd really knows his stuff.

Cristina Stathus………Altamonte Springs, Florida


Pat buffa

Dear Todd,

Thanks, the program is really working.  I thought this note would be an appropriate way to take a minute to let you know how well I feel our program is working.

The accident I had two years ago left me  with a roving joint pain and muscle inflammation that interrupted my entire daily routine as I seldom got a full nights sleep.  My strength and endurance was weak and my attitude about the future was unsure.

In particular, I appreciate starting the program without unnecessary soreness and muscle aches that I have experienced in my past efforts at developing a workout routine.  Setting up a specifically designed program that gradually helps me reduce my waistline and build upper body strength keeps the routine focused, efficient and productive.

One if the most interesting aspects of our relationship has been your overall knowledge of the body and nutrition.   You know exactly which muscles to stretch to bring relief.  And, I added protein to my diet as you suggested and, as you predicted, I have more energy.

I feel stronger than I have in five years or more.  Please feel free to use this note as a testimonial for your program and use me as a reference.

Pat Buffa…….. Orlando, Florida


Chris Muscato

Hi Todd,
“I have been so pleased with the progress I’ve made since starting a weight training routine with you.  You kept me motivated and encouraged me to make healthy eating and regular exercise a daily habit.  I exceeded my first weight loss goal in just a few weeks with your support.   I have a whole new outlook on healthy living.”

Thanks again for all your support Todd.  Please keep me updated on your boot camp, etc.  I may want to resume training when Elizabeth goes back to school.  I’ve been clothes shopping like a wild woman and all my smaller bathing suits now fit! Yea!

Chris Muscato……..Altamonte Springs, Florida


Nancy Weaver

I’ve been working with Todd for about 10 weeks now. I am amazed at his wealth of knowledge. I have hired personal trainers in the past, but NONE compares to Todd. He has taught me so much about my body, how it works, and what I need to do to become lean. He explains each exercise in detail and how it will transform your body. He never lets you quit. Each training day is a new challenge and a different exercise. I never get bored.  He has taught me how to eat to feel better and look better. I am really excited about the results I have seen with my body and can’t wait to keep training with him. AND it only lasts 30 minutes!!! Anyone can do this, ANYONE! Thanks Todd!

Nancy Weaver……..Winter Park,Florida