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20 Benefits Of Cardiovascular Activity

Swimming can be a recreational activity, a simple cardiovascular activity, or the entire body exercise. Swimming is one of the most convenient ways to burn calories. Since, you use your entire body while swimming, you will be able to burn more calories. Swimming is simple yet a wonderful exercise to lose weight, tone body, regulate circulatory system and stay fit and healthy.

Cycling is a good way to burn calories, tone leg muscles, and regulate heartbeat. You can use cycling as a simple cardiovascular activity or rigorous weight loss technique. If you want to lose weight, you should cycle in high speed for longer duration. The benefits of cycling depend on the type of equipment you use.

Cardiovascular activities and healthy food plan are the two main mantras to stay fit and healthy. Any activities that raise heartbeat are cardiovascular activity, for instance, running, walking, cycling, swimming etc. Cardiovascular activity regulates circulatory, respiratory and nervous systems. However, only cardiovascular activities are not enough to stay fit and healthy. You must complement your cardiovascular activities with healthy food plan.

Running, like walking, is a good cardiovascular activity as well as an efficient way to lose weight. You can run in a treadmill or in the road. If you are result oriented, and want to see changes in your body quickly, run instead of walking. Running burns calories fast and builds muscles quickly. Running regulates circulatory system by raising heartbeat, thus helping your heart become strong.

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You must have at least three 30 minutes cardiovascular activity sessions in a week to stay fit and healthy. It is best when cardiovascular activities are done in the morning, when glycogen (carbohydrate and sugar levels) is depleted because you have not eaten anything in 8-9 hours.