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Resistance Training Vs Weight Training

Weight training burns carbohydrates as opposed to fat – thus controlling insulin levels (which are responsible for storing fat) – this could also result in a synergistic fat burning effect

I hope you enjoyed the above videos on German body comp training. Now that you know more about high intensity weight training vs. cardio training, you can make a more informed decision on how you plan your workout routines. The German Body Composition Training method is only one of many high intensity weight training routines, but is truly one of extreme intensity. If you are a beginner, maybe start with only half the reps, or longer rest periods and work your way up. I would also only suggest doing this routine once per week, depending on your current workout plan and goals. Good luck, much success and don’t give up.

Some people think that there is a forbidden age that a person should not attempt to lift weights, but from research and countless personal experiences from the “older crowd”, there is sufficient proof that a person should lift weights as long as their body can perform the movements.  I will use my own personal experience for this article.  I will be 43 years old tomorrow and never felt better in my life and can not dream of ever giving up my weight training.

Workout 4 – legs –  hack squats or leg presses for 10 sets of 10 and standing or seated calf raises for 10 sets of 1When you do this high intensity weight training workout you should do compound exercises, though for some muscles you may be better off using machines or cables. Whatever exercises you select for a 10 sets of 10 reps workout, you need to be prepared for very deep muscle soreness for at least 3 or 4 days.A 10 X 10 workout routine should just be done for a few weeks or a month to break through a plateau and get your muscles growing again. Eventually you’ll want to go back to a more traditional routine with more exercises and heavier weights. However, if used properly, this high intensity weight training workout routine can do wonders.

Hello everyone! This is a great whole body weight training workout using only your very own body weight! WEIGHT TRAINING IS SUPER IMPORTANT! DON’T SKIP IT! M…

This is a very common weight lifting routine that is used by most sports program to incorporate a weight training component in the exercising for the sport. Most sports as we know will benefit from a number of form of strength exercising. The strength and power working out attained in this weight lifting routine will be useful in the execution of the sports skills during competition. For example, the jumping power attained in weight working out will be useful for a basketball player executing lay-ups and dunks. The One-Three-Five Program is basically allocating Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for body weight working out and the other days for sports skills and tactics training. During body weight exercising days, the athletes will execute a general resistance training routine of bench presses, pull-ups, sit-ups, military presses and squats. These are five general mass building and strength exercising exercises. Each exercise targets a major muscle grouping, thus ensuring that overall strength training is achieved. In this routine, the athletes also perform general sets and repetitions of 4×1

Well done Jen, for giving such a wonderful hub on benefits from wight training. You pointed out some unknown facts about weight training. All the very best. Enjoy.

If you’re bored with cardio or just plain outright hate doing cardio, you may be pleasantly surprised to know there is an alternative way to burn fat without cardio exercise. Whether you’re a body builder or a fitness model looking to keep lean and ripped, or just someone who wants to trim down and look healthy and fit, you may want to take a closer look into high intensity weight training. I have found high intensity weight training to have far more benefits than cardio alone, and much more exciting and rewarding. Seeing results using this technique is almost immediate, and it will transform your entire physique. You will not only lose unwanted body fat, but will also add lean muscle, giving you that athletic look everyone will admire.