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Without further ado, lets take a look at how to progress in weight training. I’ll start of with the two most popular then move onto a few more obscure.

Evolution is easier to track if you include such sections n the weight lifting log. Mood variations may help with training or can ruin it. If you include a section for mood in the log, you will be able to determine if the success of your exercises is not influenced or impaired by the way you feel when you train. Normally, you wouldn’t be able to make a pertinent observation from one week to another, unless you have this weight training log to check. If high energy levels define your mood at 5 pm every Monday, then, that is a great time to train, but this is just an example of how you can use the mood section in your advantage.

Being attentive to these small details will make a difference in the productivity of your weight training routines. Rest, eat well, and exercise sensibly-a good life is not that hard to keep.

If you are planning to put on massive amounts of weight so you can bulk up; you will find many guides on how to build muscles deter you from too much cardiovascular workout. You need to pack on weight more than you can burn them but it is not advisable to take out cardio exercises from weight training routines. Aerobic training improves your arteries’ elasticity and lowers cholesterol levels. Over-all, your heart will thank you for the maintenance that cardio training makes possible.

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To give just an example of what a log should look like, let’s analyze a column and see how you should interpret it. For example, if last time you trained you did eight sets of bench presses with 205 pounds, on your new session you may hit the same 205 pounds but this time in nine reps. There is usually no growth in resistance, muscle mass or strength when you train at the same level all the time. The best way to create a weight training log within minutes is to print ready made customized workout sheets.

Justin Simpkin is an avid sports fan, participating in all kinds of sporting activities. Having spent time in and out of the gym for the last 20 years he has trialled many different weight training routines and knows what works.


The weight training log should include a special column in which you can record your weight before every workout. Although weight is not always relevant for the results of gym training, it is sometimes helpful particularly if you try to burn fat and replace it with lean muscle mass. The weight training log should further include a cardio section too. The workouts can be kept track of in relation with the cardio performance. It seems that when performed before the weight training, the cardio routine reduces the intensity of the exercises.

Develop proper form When you begin weight training, the most basic skill that you want to develop is proper form. This helps to avoid injury, as well as helping you to maximize the working of the muscle.

So you want to add a little muscle to your frame, you would like your arms to fill out your sleeves or see your chest rippling through your shirt. You know you need to lift some weights if you want to gain some serious mass, but how do weight training routines actually build muscle? In this article we are going to take a look at how weight training routines work, what actually happens to our muscles in order for them to grow, both during and after a workout.