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High Intensity Weight Training

Justin Simpkin is an avid sports fan, participating in all kinds of sporting activities. Having spent time in and out of the gym for the last 20 years he has trialled many different weight training routines and knows what works.


As with most weight training routines, your body will adapt to what you are doing, even the two mentioned already. Therefore you have to use other ways to progress with your weight training, which we will have a look at now.

The weight training log should include a special column in which you can record your weight before every workout. Although weight is not always relevant for the results of gym training, it is sometimes helpful particularly if you try to burn fat and replace it with lean muscle mass. The weight training log should further include a cardio section too. The workouts can be kept track of in relation with the cardio performance. It seems that when performed before the weight training, the cardio routine reduces the intensity of the exercises.

Now there is MMA weight training. Mixed martial arts, or MMA, may be the most complex sport in terms of training a fighter’s strength and conditioning to optimal levels. MMA weight training, unlike most sports or forms of weight training, requires the martial artist to develop virtually every benefit that weights can possibly provide. Power lifters for example, need only train to have maximum power in lifting the heaviest weight possible for 1 rep for a particular lift. Things like muscular endurance doesn’t apply much to these athletes.

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To give just an example of what a log should look like, let’s analyze a column and see how you should interpret it. For example, if last time you trained you did eight sets of bench presses with 205 pounds, on your new session you may hit the same 205 pounds but this time in nine reps. There is usually no growth in resistance, muscle mass or strength when you train at the same level all the time. The best way to create a weight training log within minutes is to print ready made customized workout sheets.

There are so many of the most impressive professional training techniques, that you will again waste your time doing useless weight training exercise that are just huge time wasters. Learn how to be professional and be able to totally handle all opponents in the ring – and you will understand why some of the best fighters, use the same trainers – most of the time, its the Weight Lifting Methods .

With the right weight training routines, eating the right foods, rest and recovery you will build muscle, all you need to find is a little motivation, up to 45 minutes 3 to 4 times a week and a good nights sleep, a desire and the persistence to see it through and you are well on your way to filling that shirt…in all the right places.

Everyone has the ability and the duty to take care of their body so that when they are in the latter years of their lives, it will be more rewarding and joyous without the complications of illnesses that could have been corrected by a healthy diet and adequate weight training.  Here is a plan that anyone can follow if one can move his/her own body under his/her own strength without the help of a wheelchair, power chair, etc.

Weight training has long been recognized to have many health benefits. For those of you just starting out, these beginner weight training tips will help you to avoid some of the common pitfalls and mistakes many beginners make. By following these tips, you can look forward to lowering your risk of injury, getting more out of each workout, and avoiding some unnecessary pain.